To Socialize or Not to Socialize, That is the Question

I hope Shakespeare will forgive the play on his words, but I couldn’t think of a better title for this post. 

What if you have a small business and you’re starting to believe all the doom and gloom about the economy.  You want to believe the gurus that are telling you it’s all just imaginary, but your mortgage is coming up and you’re feeling that the doom and gloom are pretty real.

Your clients are taking a hiatus from your services (“for the short term,” they said apologetically) and you’re ready to admit to yourself that you’d not been marketing 50% of the time like you were taught.  Your pipeline looks – well you can see straight through the pipe to the other end of clear sky.

Now what?

You may be chasing guru after guru, who clearly don’t believe this economy talk at all, since they don’t have time to talk to you other than in 5 minute snippets, through their pitchy e-zines or through their “people” because they are crowded working with people who pay them $1,000.00 (USD) an hour.

You’re looking for help and you’re needing answers now.

Where do you go?

Well, in the old days when you had a problem (say back in kindergarten) you might ask your mom or dad for help.  Maybe you’d confide in your best friend or an older sister.  But today, that’s not going to cut it.  Those people (mom and dad, your best friend and your older sister) told you not to start your own business anyway!

What about socializing?

You think I’m out of my mind, don’t you?  You don’t have time to be socializing – -you need to be working.  You need to be racking up those billable hours.  You need to be busy acting as if you’re not worried about the mortgage payment or the insurance premium. 

Okay.  I’m just saying…

Socializing has absolutely added more to my bottom line than any other ONE thing I do in my business.


Because socializing is all about building relationships.  And people do business and, perhaps more importantly, refer business to people they have relationships with.  Catch my drift?

If you’re sitting at home all day worrying about bringing in clients – what exactly does that do to bring you more clients?  Truly.  Look, I have plenty of days when I want to crawl back into bed and let ideas ‘ferment’ (that’s my code for “life is too much right now and I don’t want to think about it, but if I just sleep maybe a million dollar idea will come to me”)

Instead, what one thing could you be doing to attract more clients?  Sure, there are plenty of systems out there.  You don’t need a guru.  You don’t need EFT or hypnosis or a past-life regression (they all have their place, but not IN PLACE of doing something to move your butt forward)

Here’s what you need to do to get those clients and referrals coming:

  • Get out of the house.  If you work at home the desire to stay there is overwhelming, but buck the feeling and take a walk, go get a cup of coffee, head to the gym.  Now while you’re out meet people.
  • Get involved in social media.  This is a gift in a bright red ribbon for those of you who won’t get out of the house.  You can virtually go out and meet hundreds of people using Facebook, Twitter, Plurk or any other form of social media.  Take baby steps, join one and then go onto the next.  I promise, it won’t hurt a bit.
  • Participate in your relationships.  Both online and offline.  No one is going to consider you a friend if you simply stick out your hand and say you want to do business with them, or that you have the answer to all their problems, or that you can fix what ails the.  Take time to figure out who these people are. 
  • Give because you genuinely care.  If more people would simply do what comes naturally (helping out a cyclist who was run off the road by an angry motorist), pitching in a few cents for the harried mom in front of you at CoffeeHeaven who doesn’t have enough to cover her latte) without expectation of reciprocity, we’d all be a lot happier.
  • Figure out how to be real and transparent in your interactions.  Build real relationships while you’re socializing and it’s going to return to you. 
  • Keep moving.  Money (and all forms of energy) love movement.  Keep moving.  Don’t stagnate.  Pull those covers off your head and head out to socialize!

If you want to see a step-by-step plan of how I made $1000 in 30 days using Social Media sign up for my ezine on (head to the bottom of the page) because that’s the topic of the August 5th newsletter.

Meanwhile – happy socializing!

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