What Are Gift Markers in the Hand?

I write about this topic fairly often – because people get giddy when they can be reminded that they ARE special.  Personally, if I could, I would appoint myself the “special reminder monitor” and get myself a little wand and travel around the world, tapping people on the shoulder, sprinkling some flowers in their path and saying, “Just wanted to remind you – you ARE special and I’m glad you’re here.”  (I draw the line at wearing a tu-tu – rather I’ll wear my Harley jacket and boots and a Peace t-shirt.)

Just remember that if you ever hear that I’ve won the lottery or built a substantial wad of cash – because then I’ll be on my way to see you with my wand. :)

Lucky for you, there are other ways to be reminded of your special talents.  Not-so-lucky is that when these particular reminders show up in your hands – they’re always accompanied by penalties.    I’ve written about Gift Markings in general in the past, so I’ll do my best not to repeat myself.  Well, it’s possible that there will be some repetition but only on the stuff that I think is really important.  (hmm, I usually think everything about the hands is important.)

Pretty succinctly – gift markings can be lines, stars or other markers in the palm or on the fingers or thumb that put you “on notice” that you were born with a specific gift.  It’s as though all the powers that be got together with you before you incarnated and tapped you with these talents to guide you in the most effective and wonderful way to your life purpose and to help you learn the best ways to accomplish a joyful way of living.  These gifts always help you, but more importantly, they help you inspire, lead, serve and guide others on your journey as well.

In other words a Super Computer Head line is about more than just being the Valedictorian or getting into the college of your choice – it’s also about finding ways to use your big brain to process solutions for major problems – in the world at large.   If you have a supercomputer headline and you’re so schooled, you may be a good person to be on the team working out a comprehensive, fair and effective health care plan that serves not only those who don’t have medical coverage, but those who do, as well.

The little “aha” here is that if you’re  not using your gift (whatever it may be) to its fullest capacity on a regular (daily) basis in your life, you’re going to suffer a penalty.  Each gift has a particular penalty, and I encourage you to check out the blog regular to read about each gift in greater detail.

On the other hand, if you have a gift and you’re using it regularly and to your fullest capacity – you may never see the gift reminder in your hand.

It’s a good-news-bad-news sort of thing when these gift reminders show up in a palmistry reading.  The good news is that you have a Divinely-given gift.  The bad news is you need to step it up a notch and use it in bigger and more effective ways or else you’ll sit in the penalty box.   (let me tell you, the penalty box can be a pretty stinky place.)  However, as you learn to a) recognize the penalty and b)take responsibility for your gift and put it to good use, the penalty fades out and you go on living bigger toward your purpose.

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