I didn’t know what to expect before my reading, I thought that I wouldn’t get as much insight just sending over the ink hand prints and have the session over the phone.  I was pleasantly surprised of how much information and insight Peggie had about me.  In fact, I think nobody even me, could have been more objective and honest about who I really am as a person, my life challenges, my gifts.  Since the reading many changes have happened in my life.  I have a more clear purpose, direction and goals.  It’s amazing how motivated I am to work every day to make my life better and follow my dreams. Edna  Guevara

I have always been interested in topics such as feng shui, astrology, face reading, graphology, palmistry, tarot, etc. so when I was introduced to Peggie, I knew I wanted to have a hand reading. Someone who previously had a reading with Peggie said I must get it done and she highly recommended it. I had no idea what to expect.
I had been paving a new path in my life, but because I am interested in so many things, I had to know whether or not the path I had chosen would be working with my “gifts.” Now that I’m in my “golden” years, I don’t have the time to keep changing directions. I am so pleased with the hand reading. They validated the path that I’ve chosen to pursue and more. And now I know why I am so happy where I am today and with what I am pursuing.  Peggie does an awesome job and if you’re wondering about the gifts you hold in your hands, Peggie is your answer. Wonder no longer; find out for sure. I’m glad I did.
Nora Nagatani

WOW! VERY cool! Very interesting… I’d say you pretty much nailed everything for me that you talked about. And that includes my intuition and that I use it, my abilities as a healer, my current transition, my ability to be more public with my energy, my need to be more Venusian and the “needing more me” time… in fact, about three hours ago, I just booked my trip to the Virgin Islands!!! (That is what we in the biz call validation – big-time!!!)
I’m so excited that people are going to be able to see what you do with these videos – and I’m so honored to be both your muse AND your “readee”!!! Thank you…May the world become illuminated by your gift ~
Lynn Scheurell * *

WOW, thank you so much Peggie! This was amazing to listen to and right on the money!  I have had my hand read before, but because my hand print was in ink, no one has caught my freckle! Amazing stuff. I look forward to working with you very soon! 
Thank you again!
Janet Majoulet-Foust * * Petaluma, CA

First off, let me extend a GIGANTIC “Thank You” for doing this hand reading.
I am absolutely impressed and also stunned at what you were able to see in my hands. Incredible stuff! One thing is for sure … I do get exceedingly frustrated with procrastinators. I get so flustered and impatient, at times, I could pop out of my skin.
Talking about “skin” … you’re right. What you surmised from your reading is true. I’ve forever battled one minor skin issue after another. Nothing really noticeable to others, but certainly bothersome to me.
I’ll just sum it up by saying that you have exceptional skills and talents, Peggie, and you have created a wonderful, lasting memory for me. Oh, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to others!
With gratitude,
~Melanie Kissell
Los Angeles, CA

 This is so totally awesome I cannot believe how accurate it is based on just my hand. I love the idea that I am a Super Brain – wow and yes yes yes now I have a word for my down time -“cave time” Love it.  This has helped me so much with a particular challenge I was having around how to describe part of what makes me unique so thank you so much for that.  So glad I am doing what I should be always great to hear.  ~ Sarah Newton * The Parent & Teen Coach*London, UK *

 Thanks so much!  I really enjoyed the session.  In my work I am used to having the body tell me what is going on with the client’s life.  I was astounded and reinforced when I saw that in your reading of my palm print.  The body is so trying to communicate with us.  We just don’t have the tools.  I am so glad that your work and Rose’s  [Rosetree] are filling that “body-person” communication void.  I left my office really joyful for the first time in a long long time.  It felt like I could just chuck the downers and play!  Thanks, you really did make my day. Lynn Porzel M.Ed., NCMT * The BodyWhisperer * Intuitive Healing Center * *

 I really enjoyed having you explain what the different lines and areas of my hand could mean.  So much of what you said was so spot on for me.  You could describe how I approach things, what I focus on, what I should focus on and my fears.  As you were explaining what you saw I was trying to not give away any reaction so I could get your gut reaction to my hands.  There are some things that you said that the meaning has stuck with me and has given me courage to take some necessary steps.  I think it was a wonderful experience.  Thank you,Diane Chief Operating Officer

 Wow, Peggie. You are really amazing.  You definitely have a GIFT, capital EVERYTHING! I’m speechless.  Thank you so much!
Maria * Washington, DC

 I loved my hand reading palm print analysis that I got from you.  When I first put my hands into ink, they didn’t really take, and I tried again and again, until I thought I had it good enough, but of course that was all part of the process and you could tell a lot from those’ not perfect prints!’  I should have known!  When we actually started the reading and explanation of my prints, it was as if you had known my soul for a long time. Not just me, the personality, but the parts underneath, the part of me that dreams and works and manifests and has a purpose.  As a speaker and coach it was fascinating to hear you find parts of my palm prints that correlate to my work. I loved my reading and highly recommend you and your work to anyone who wants more clarity on their life lessons, soul purpose and focus. 
Love you Peggie!
Michelle VandePass
Conscious Livelihood® Coach



 Peggie’s hand analysis and coaching process reawakens the joy and endless possibilities that are within us.  She reminds us of our individual gifts and talents which can be revived and refined with the knowledge and courage that we have within ourselves.  Her sessions also gently describe our challenges. She shows you that they are just that – only challenges – and they can be overcome by realizing that once you acknowledge your difficulties, nothing is to be feared, and that it is your right and purpose in life to be happyHer sessions are full of insight and inspiration.
 Peggie has earned my highest respect as an invaluable guide and Soul Coach. My work with her led to a renewed sense of motivation.   I have highly recommended her to my clients and colleagues.
 Jennifer Krajewski
Energy Kinesiologist, Alexandria VA

Thank you so much! I deeply appreciate all of the roadmaps that the universe gives us to understand our place in it. I also deeply appreciate that Peggie Arvidson can read the maps of our hands. My secret: I struggle with feelings of self-worth and guilt. 

It has so little to do with the reality of my life. I’m deeply loved and appreciated. I have been given great skills with which to help people. I work to develop these skills further. From the outside, I look like I’ve got it together. And mostly, I do. 

So, when I contacted Peggie to find out how I could move forward with my career as an intuitive, she took a look at my hands, and gave me such a gift of understanding!  She let me know that the self-worth and the guilt is what I’m here to learn about.  Instead of fighting against it, I’m exploring it now.

Peggie also shed light on the nature of my gifts, and she gave me excellent advice about the next steps I need to take.

My session with Peggie was nearly 2 months ago. I feel pretty good about the progress I’ve made in that time.  Peggie gave me the gift of clarity, and for that, I am so grateful!

-          Bridget Pilloud, Intuitive Counselor

It has been a while since you emailed and I am terribly sorry I am just now responding.  I’ve had a grief-filled last 5 months but, now I am exhaling and focusing on myself and healing.   I typed out your hour long analysis and have been reading and re-reading it.  First, I must tell you that while I listened on the phone that day I cried as you said things that were so accurate.  I was absolutely STUNNED at the accuracy of everything.  At the time, only one thing didn’t resonate with me, and that was your talk on “emotional authenticity.”  I just didn’t understand what that meant.  Well, now that I am in a place of GREAT and DEEP healing, the emotional authenticity finally makes sense.  I re-read your analysis because it is like a map and one of my many tools in my briefcase of healing.   I just wanted to email and say THANK YOU.  Really, thank you from the depth of my soul.  You are a healer.  It is clear that this is your intended path in life and I am thankful our paths joined each other for those steps we took together.  Wishing you everything your heart and soul desire,Nicole Anderson * 


Peggie was great at putting things into perspective.  I feel a lot more confident now about my ability to manage relationships and money, two things I’ve been struggling with for a while.  I highly recommend her if you have any areas of your life you’d like to improve. ~ Anna, Washington, DC.

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